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I love what I do and my greatest passion is helping couples, families, and individuals learn to communicate in a way that promotes healthy connection and healing in their relationships. When individuals, couples or families are hurting, it is sometimes difficult to navigate on their own and so that is where I can help; to guide you through those challenging and painful times. I also enjoy helping those who suffer from anxiety, depression, body image and eating disorders, and any other obstacle that may be keeping one from growing and flourishing in their lives.

My practice emphasizes Emotionally Focused Therapy and attachment-based modalities to assist couples, families and individuals become "unstuck" from their current communication styles to feel more authentically connected to others while reducing the stress, anxiety, and/or depression that typically co-exists with relationship distress.

If you are ready to take that first step toward true healing either within your relationships or within yourself, contact me so we can get started!

Jennifer Pudlo, M.S., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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